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IMG_5876Sherwood citizens have joined the ranks of large and small communities across the country by establishing a Police Foundation. The concept is over 40 years old, but recent history of tight city budgets has spurred new foundations nationwide. Through hard work and dedication, police foundations have helped to provide funding for everything from police horses to specialized training to surveillance equipment to officer recognition and appreciation.

Founded in 2014, in its initial year the Sherwood Police Foundation hosted the annual officer recognition banquet and provided a police dog ballistic vest. In the spirit of community support that preceded the foundation, Sherwood citizens previously provided officers with 10 AR -15 rifles, a K-9 Officer and related equipment, police ballistic shields, and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for police vehicles.

This non-profit foundation’s board comprises citizens of diverse walks of life and expertise, joined by the City Manager and Police Chief, who serve as ex-officio and advisory liaisons to the city and the police department.

The Sherwood Police Foundation exists to provide support in ways that may not typically be included in the municipal budget. Foundation actions will be guided by input from the officers, city and police leadership, and citizen input.

As it grows, the Sherwood Police Foundation will have the opportunity to support local officers and the community in many ways. For example, projects might include:

  • Additional K-9 program(s)
  • Department coins or trading cards
  • Trauma packs for officers
  • Honor Guard program
  • Awards and recognition program and banquet
  • Family assistance program to support the families of officers injured on the job
  • Scholarships for officer children
  • Show car for community participation
  • Video cameras
  • School-based crime prevention program/curriculum (substance abuse, bullying, etc.)

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